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    Notes not scrolling

    Something has changed in the character sheet note tab over the past week or two. I'm no longer able to scroll down to read and/or add text below the lines that are initially visible on the character sheet.

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    Unity? I'm not seeing it in FGC.

    I believe this is a known issue at the moment, with more than just the Notes, lots of issues with Scrolling.

    This link is for 4e (also has someone in 3.5e experiencing it), but I suspect similar issues with most rulesets (especially ones layered on CoreRPG).
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    Yes, it is only in FGU. Someone pointed that out to me a couple days ago and everything I tried to get the scrolling to work just didn't seem to work. It seems to work fine if the entire page scrolls but not individual fields.

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    This should be fixed in the FGU build released this morning.


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    I'm seeing no change to this issue since the update

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    The FGU update today fixed the scrolling issue.

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