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    Which ruleset?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sdg View Post
    Hi Smackdaddy - Progress update - Working sweet!

    1. - Iv'e adapted all the Final Redoubt crits and added a lot of new ones to fill the gaps - Totaling a whopping 1760 flavor descriptions! The redoubt descriptions have their own mechanic, so I have had to adapt them to the way my 'wound' level mechanic works, which meant revision of almost every description - took forever. I'm going to have to work out a way forward with Final Redoubt to be able to distribute these, so in the interim, I am actually developing a new set of tables, looking at around 10 descriptions for each - which equates to 960 additional flavor descriptions but this is going pretty quick in comparison, easier to write from scratch than it is to adapt. I may have to release in two packages - My set with the extension and than the Final Redoubt set as a separate mod (if licensing possible - Trying to get hold of Robert J Defendi), but they will work seamlessly together as a full set of 2720 flavor descriptions. See Screenshot.Attachment 39474

    2. Regarding the programming, recently resolved a few more things, like if you have multiple types on a weapon i.e. slashing, magic, it will look at the first table for the description. This is working nicely with Bratch9's Advanced Weapon Damage Extension, where if you 'power on' a weapon i.e. a 'Flame Tongue', it than swaps the flavor description from 'Slashing' to 'Fire'. Did lot's of other bug fixes too - so working sweet... than I started getting a bit greedy and begun looking how I could clean up the no. of entry in the chat box so it wasn't so cluttered... (Thanks Javin, for some tips on this) and also worked out how to change the icon, so there is an icon now against every damage type. See Screenshots of interface cleanup Attachment 39475 (which misleadingly is what it used to look like before cleanup) and the combat examples (Post Cleanup - Which is what the player sees now).
    Attachment 39476
    Attachment 39477
    Attachment 39478

    3. I'm thinking of changing the name to 'WTF! Criticals' - which is short for 'Wound Type Flavour' Criticals - rather than 'Death Flavour' which is a little dark… WTF! Criticals is about ALL wound types and not just death's… also a bit more playful.

    4. Also - If people have any feedback as to whether they might want to use this 'as intended' on all wound types or alternatively, just when they role a natural 20 crit?... I can put a setting in options to toggle either method. Thought I saw something in an old forum of someone wanting that... but I've taken it a step further and provided all wound levels. This extension also work's nicely with Automatic Lingering Effects by Kent McCullough, although now demoing it with WTF! Criticals I kind of want to go and put the same damage type icons on the Lingering Effects - Might have a chat to Kent about that.

    Can't wait to try it out! Sounds like it definitely is coming along nicely!

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    Just checking in to see how this is progressing and maybe when you might be ready for an alpha or beta test?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sdg View Post
    (Thanks Javin, for some tips on this)
    No problem! Very glad to help out and see it coming together.

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