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    Smithing System Idea, looking for input

    Hello, Thanks for taking the time to check out this thread.

    I've recently starting DM'ing using Fantasy Grounds Unity and I have a very eager player looking to get into smithing. His entire backstory revolves around smithing. His characters last name, is Smith....you get it.

    After reading over the rules for smithing in D&D 5e, i found that the 5G progress a day thing was a bit punishing.

    I took some time and came up with a "roll" system, that allowed him to take a certain amount of time a day (4/8 hours) to work toward his goal, and gave him the option of even working on his project in the field, but with lower values.

    The idea was, that a common item, provided he had raw materials (which I added in game and have scattered around or can be found in stores), could be created by a skilled craftsmen in a reasonable time. So every roll he makes, works towards his 100% progess, with 100 being the "hit points" of the item he rolls against. If he wants to make an uncommon or rare item, increase the hitpoints respectively, 125 for uncommon, 150 for rare, etc.


    The roll amounts are : Field Smithing - 1d4+1 and 1d8+1
    Workshop Smithing - 1d4+4, 1d8+4 and 2d4+4, 2d8+8.

    The reason for the roll amounts and not a flat number, is that people have good and bad days.

    I think I'm just about there with a working system, but any input is appreciated at this point.

    Thanks again!

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    That seems like adding complexity without any reward. But it also isn't too bad.
    One thing you might consider is that nearly all master craftsmen (and let's be honest with the bonuses PCs get they swiftly become masters) had assistants and apprentices to help with the work. A successful armorer or swordsmith often was a team of 3-5 people with one master, one or two journeymen and the rest apprentices. Even a blacksmith (note, they only make things like nails and horse shoes, not weapons) pretty reliably had an assistant. Maybe increase speed of completion (towards that 100%) by a small amount for each assistant, and beyond a certain threshold increases the quantity produced (small because there is a point where adding more people stops helping you get to the end faster but can let you make two at once instead of one in half the time).

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    So I would look to see how this compares to the default rules.

    In the Field generates an average of 3.5 or 5.5 points per day. Meaning 4 hour days are more effective than 8 hour days. And therefore taking about 29 or 18 days for a common item. Workshop is 6.5 & 8.5 points per day yielding about 15 and 12 days. (Note I did not use the with help rules).

    Compare that to the default rules of 5gp/day. Or Xanathar's rules (which I don't remember). Is that better or worse? Also note that your rules are interesting, but they don't scale on a per hour worked basis.

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