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    How about the High Guard books? Or The Pirates of Drinax adventures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lawdog View Post
    How about the High Guard books? Or The Pirates of Drinax adventures.
    JBE is a third-party producer of Traveller products, not Mongoose.

    Also High Guard and Pirates of Drinax are currently in development by MadBeardMan who is the developer for Mongoose products.

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    Ah, sorry I thought we were just picking titles. So I would say try an adventure that is part of a story arc (One adventure builds on another). But please do the whole story arc not just one adventure.

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    I'm late to the party on this thread, but I just picked up the Foreven 2020 Black Friday bundle on drivethrurpg and I'm impressed. I might have an unusual gaming group, but although they like the MGT rules, they're less enthused about the humancentric nature of the 3rd Imperium. They're equally interested in on-foot exploration and enjoy meeting alien threats.
    So on that note I'd vote for you to bring Creatures of Distant Worlds to FGU MGT2e. Afterall, there really isn't much of anything else available that resembles a MGT SciFi bestiary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadBeardMan View Post
    Hi Dale,

    For me, Starports - Down ports and High ports, maps/details based on Class.

    Like to see LOS maps for the starports.

    d66 compendium 2 and d66 What's Wrong with the Ship

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    I would love to see top down visuals for all the ships, so they can be scaled/placed on various maps as needed.
    I would also love all the ships of Traveller, done up with a single standard battlemap style.

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