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    I will definitely reach out when I have questions. This will be my first game on FG and am still getting familiar. Thanks in advance for the help.

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    I'm down as a backup if that's okay--threw my hat in the ring. Feel free to message me if a spot happens to open up (@Knux#4289 on Discord (Org Play Online) as well)

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    The server is up if anyone want to build their character - though note I will not be around to restart it if necessary.

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    Since we are playing high tier I will join with 8R1CK

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    The server is up if anyone wants to build their character.

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    Chronicles sent.

    Let me know if you spot any errors or want to make some purchases, otherwise I'll sign it.
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    No game this week due to other obligations.

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    Any preference between 3-04: The Vast Experiment: Falling into Deliverance (tier 5-8) and Skitter Home (level 4 pregens) for SUN August 30th around 12.00 or 12.30 PM UTC?

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    I'm good for both.
    Which subtier would people prefer if it's 3-04?
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