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    Lfp for long term campaigns. (player wanted)

    FG License:Ultimate

    Game System: 5e

    Time Zone:Mdt

    Day of week and time: Sundays 9:30 pm

    If new game, planned start date: 3-4 weeks out.

    Planned Duration & Frequency: 4-5 hours weekly

    Term: Long term campaign

    Text or Voice: Voice

    Voice software used:Disocrd

    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? No

    Roleplay & Combat mix: Depends

    Number of Players in game & needed: 4 long running players with me, need 1 more at least. Maybe 2.

    Character starting level & equipment: Level 1 starting gear

    Character restrictions: Official is safe except warforged. Highly prefer no flying classes. Some homebrew may be allowed

    Details of your scenario: I will be running modules after we finish this home brew campaign of mine. Hopefully within a months time. The first module i will be running is Odyssey of the dragon lords. Which is what you will be signing up for. You do not need anything on your end to run it. I Also plan to keep going on modules that i own after we complete this one. So most of the official modules, and some by kobold press and others.

    Other information: We will be implementing some hard mode rules. They will probably change over the course of the next campaign, until me and the players are satisfied with a balance of these rules. You should be ok with player death, dismemberment and some adult themes. Sexual content is not allowed. However some adult humor you should be ok with. So as such mature gamers apply only. 18+. Also NO CHEATING if you read the module i am running, and ruin the game for other players you will be asked to leave.

    Some examples of the hard mode rules are
    Stress leading to a madness.
    Limited inventory.
    Lingering wounds. That will need to be dressed and healed.
    New potion rules. Based on hit dice and price changes.
    New death rules. Not set on this but if anything drops you to -20 hp you die, no death saves
    Short and long rest changes. Short is 8 hours, Long rest is a full day in a safe place. (could change)
    Mini boss/ harder bosses (Phased bosses, mini bosses with one additional initiative in the combat tracker.
    Critical changes that can lead to dismemberment for monsters. And bonuses to crits for players. No fumble rules for either.

    With short and long rest for casters. Im thinking about all casters getting some sort of arcane recovery system IF it feels needed. But it needs to be fair to other classes, as they wont get some of the same benefits. So maybe like you can only recover low level slots in a short rest. Ill have the rules more defined as the game gets closer to arrival. But my aim is to make it balanced and have every class feel useful without breaking the core mechanics and function of classes.

    Possibly more.Im sure the rules will change over time. Especially during the campaign. As we figure out better rules and toss ones that suck. Most should be ironed out before the game starts however.

    My goal is not to kill you. Im not one of those... Its to make 5e harder and more fun for those wanting a challenge. I hope to create the feel of adventuring is dangerous yet fun and rewarding. Saying that tho... death is obliviously more likely.

    If you want to risk life and limb in 5e. This might be for you.
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    It sounds like fun, sadly the time you play is during my work schedule.

    You should also list what class, race, etc you accept.

    For instance say I wanted to play a UA Revised Ranger beastmaster would that be acceptable? Also do you play RAW or RAI?
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    Ya i dont dive deep into the UA stuff. But the module I am running has special sub classes for the setting. Its Inspired by Greek Myth.

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    Hello! I'm a bit newer to this all but I have taken some classes to familiarize myself with FG. I would be interested if this isn't a problem for you.

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    I am interested and would like to join if possible.

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    I'd be interested in joining a game played on fantasy grounds, I've just bought the license for Ultimate and was planning on running campaigns I'd drawn up ages ago but still need to get comfortable with the way fantasy grounds works and I'd enjoy doing that by joining and playing really whatever. I'm up for more of a roleplay oriented game OR a combat oriented game. It sounds like you're running a game to have us be strategic in our methods since we will be in "hard mode" and that could be a lot of fun.

    I'd be interested in play testing anything from the UA but I'm game for playing anything. I get hung up on Warlocks cause they lend to roleplay and utility, but wouldn't mind playing something to fill what the group needs during creation from whatever source. Sunday's are my days off for the week and Mondays so I'd be up all night for the game. I enjoy hearing further about this.

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    I am very interested. The game i was apart of stopped after a few months and i have all the time in the world right now so if you need another.

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    I am very interested. Have not given the longer recovery a got yet but sounds fun. I have Odyssey of the dragon lords ( love Mythology Greek Roman Egyption Norse) from the Kickstarter haven't had the chance to play in it.

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