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    Lfg Dnd5e/Pf2 Experianced (new to pf2) player looking for post 6pm game sun/wendsday

    FG License: demo
    Game System: 5e, pathfinder 2
    Time Zone: CST
    Day of week and time: Sunday, Wednesday (6pm or later start time)
    Text or Voice: Voice
    Roleplay & Combat mix: Looking for 50/50 and if weighted more weighted to roleplay.

    I'm a experienced dnd player looking to join a group and just have a fun time. Ill admit iv'e been in groups that got too silly to the point of immersion being an impossible state to reach and that's not what im looking for. On the other hand im actually quite fine with some silly shenanigans and fun as long as serious moments can still happen in the game. I can be pretty chill and will play pretty much any class that isn't named ranger. I have a preference towards homebrew worlds/campaigns nowadays but I'm okay with doing one if the party is fun enough. Modules Ive played or dmed for are Dungeon of the mad mage, Storm kings Thunder, Descent into Avernus, Curse of strahd, Hoard of the Dragon queen, and Tomb of Annihilation so those are off the table.

    Hope to have a fun an epic adventure see you guys at the virtual table!
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    Adding pathfinder 2 to the list of games im looking for.

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