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    LFG 1 player pacific time looking for after 5pm Pacific time or Sunday evenings

    FG License: Full Ultimate
    Time Zone: Pacific - Looking for Wed or Fri during the week or Sunday evenings- Would prefer a weekly game

    Term: Long or a mod. Depends on group dynamic and so on and so fourth

    Voice: I have Zoom and Discord

    Game System Preferred: DnD 5e

    Game System Experience: Been Playing off and on since Advanced DnD been playing 5e specific for about 9 months, DMing for about 5

    Fantasy Grounds Experience:Pretty familiar built multiple characters and helped teach new people to FG how to use the system

    Character Type Preferred: Open to anything really
    About me:I like a good 50/50 ix of RP/Combat but sometimes if it calls for it a night of RP can be a blast as well. I'm not into the "Thou miscreant you have sullied my name once to often" type of RP but can and do do voices like to stay in character but also have a little fun out as well.

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    I have an opening on Sunday from 7-11pm cst. The group is level 8 going on level 9. We lost a European player unfortunately. They just started Storm Kings Thunder. This is a long term campaign. Pm me if you are interested.

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    How many players?
    Also what classes?

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    well situation just went south on me again. The GM for the thursday game I was in just quit on me and he was in my sunday game so he quit that to. But you wont need to worry about sunday. I took over his time slot last night for thursday. same time 7-11pm cst (UTC/GMT -6). So you have two choices though if you are interested.

    Sunday game 7-11pm cst (level 8-9 currently) campaign in progress Storm Kings Thunder. 3 players now. The cleric just quit. That leaves 1 barbarian, 1 sorceror/fighter, 1 psion, 1 wizard

    Thursday Game 7-11pm cst (level 1 jsut started) Legacy of the Shard
    I have 3 players currently. 1 ranger, 1 cleric, 2 fighters, 1 sorc.

    FGU (ultimate license can do unlimited demo players) D&D 5e

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