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    LFP D&D 4e Wed or Sun BST+1 7pm

    Game: D&D 4e
    Style: Mega Dungeon
    Time: Wednesdays or Sundays 7pm GMT+1 (BST)
    Frequency: Weekly
    FG: Unity (DM has Ultimate)
    Slots: 3-5
    New players welcome, min/max not required. PHB 1-3, Adventurers Vault 1-2, Powers books. No Dragon Magazine or Essentials. Other supplements available (Manual of the Planes etc)
    Starting Level: 1 or 3 depending on the group.

    Each layer follows a basic frame work but has its own spin on it.
    ~There are two major factions in conflict with each other.
    ~There is a third minor faction in conflict with the two major factions.
    ~There are a range of neutral factions (ie an Owlbear, a dozen goblins etc roaming the layer)
    ~There is a key object of power on each level.
    ~Each level has an effect (ie all creatures have vulnerable 2 necrotic damage due to the evil nature of the layer)

    Its down to the group how they interact with the various factions, be that siding with one, playing them off each other or just killing everything that moves for the sweet sweet exp rush.

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    The time is perfect for me and I love 4e, so I'm interested.
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