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    Using Modifier box to adjust saving throw rolls

    Hello everyone.

    I'm still new to Fantasy Grounds so I hope this isn't obvious. I have DM'ed 5 or 6 times but this coming weekend will be my first time DMing, or even using, Fantasy Grounds in a game. I have only been fiddling with it for about the last month outside of game.

    I have a Bard and a Divine Soul Sorcerer in my party. Both of these characters have abilities which they can use to change the result of an attack roll or a saving throw, specifically "Bardic Inspiration" and "Favored by the Gods". After looking around, I found that there isn't really a good solution for these types of abilities. You can make an Effect, but that will then affect all attacks and saves rather than just the attack or save in question. There is also the idea that the players choose before hand if they will use the extra dice depending on what they roll. But I'm looking for something that feels a bit more smooth than that.

    I think I found an ok work around for the attack roll portion though.

    I have my options set to not show the roll results to the players. As far as I can tell, this makes it so that they only see the number they have rolled, and not the result of that roll. This of course means I need to tell them if they hit or miss, but I don't mind this.
    If a player see the number they rolled and decides they want to use an ability to change that roll, they can then do the following.
    1. Manually roll the dice that will modify the roll into the chat box.
    2. Drag and drop that dice roll into the Modifier box.
    3. Drag the original attack roll back onto the monster they are attacking.

    This then makes fantasy grounds recalculate if they hit or miss incluing the modifier.

    Here is my question.

    Is there a way to do something similar with saving throws?

    Currently, if an NPC makes a character roll a saving throw, the player only sees what the roll is. They do not see if they saved or not. This again is due to my options choice and I am ok with telling them if they have saved or not. What I want is for a player to see the amount they rolled and then be able to modify that roll using a similar method to what I explained above. They manually roll some dice, drag that roll onto the modifier box, and then somehow tell fantasy grounds to recalculate if they saved or failed including the new modifier.

    Is this possible?

    Thanks for any help you can give!

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    Hi josh, welcome to FG.

    Unfortunately the trick with attack rolls which you describe (and you are exactly right as to how to use Bardic Inspiration etc), does not work with saving throws. So your only option is to manually work out whether the additional dice when added to the original roll changes the result for fail to pass.
    If there is something that you would like to see in Fantasy Grounds that isn't currently part of the software or if there is something you think would improve a ruleset then add your idea to the wish list

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    Hi Zacchaeus, thanks for the welcome!
    Understood about saving throws. I will have to just do some manuel un-targeting based on the new results.


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    I've found that my groups tend to just say that with Bardic Inspiration et al that the players can decide to use it or not after FG prints the results. Sure this gives them a more useful ability than if they have to determine its use before knowing the results. But nothing that has significant impact on our games. Most of the folks know if they are close to hit/miss or save/fail based on the d20 roll so having that extra certainty doesn't matter much.

    In short, for us, its just not worth worrying about.

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