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    Transfer campaign data to new computer

    I recently got a new computer. Following what I read here, I moved the campaign files from the AppData library on Computer 1 to Computer 2. However, when I load the campaign on Computer 2 in FGU, none of the characters or assets in the folder actually appear in FGU. The db.xml file seems to have the character data (this is most important to me, as I can readd images and NPCs relatively quickly), but I cannot figure out how to get the information from that file to appear in a character selection window or interpret all of the stats to manually recreate character sheets. Any recommendations?

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    Can you please post screen shots of both FG Data/Campaign folders with details (dates, file sizes) shown?

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    It isn’t clear from what you said what you actually moved. You want to copy the folder with your campaign name on it from the campaigns folder in computer 1 and place it into the campaigns folder in computer 2. Is that what you did?
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    Thanks, folks. I managed to get it to work.

    Initially I copied the full campaign folder and all of its contents, including the subfolders (e.g. images), as well as the xml, lua and html files. When I put them into the matching location on Computer 2, booted FGU and tried to load a campaign (after update), it did not show any campaigns to load.

    I then tried instead to create a campaign via the normal FGU process, as I would for a new one, using the same name as before. I opened up that new campaign's folder and dropped everything from the old one into it, replacing the contents of the new with the old. However, while opening the db.xml files in Notepad showed me data that seemed to match my old campaign, I could not get anything to show when I opened windows, such as Characters in FGU. It appeared as a campaign with no content.

    Immediately after my post, as I began to review all xml files did I notice that there were db.backup, db.session and db.script files in which the campaign data was missing. They were all dated as modified after the transfer (I assume every time I tried to open up the campaign). I realized the system understood my campaign had once existed, but these more recent files were telling FGU I had deleted all those characters and assets. As soon as I found the latest file that still had campaign data and deleted all the script, session and backup files dated afterwards, the campaign booted up just like it had the last time I used it on Computer 1.

    Short version: Not sure why, but the initial transfer of the full campaign folder to a new computer did not cause FGU on that new computer to recognize that a campaign already existed. Dumping the old files into a new campaign folder instead just caused FGU to think between sessions I had erased everything.

    For anyone who might face that initial transfer issue, any recommendations for how to proceed if they come looking in the forums like I did before they dig themselves into a hole, like I also did?

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