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    Looking for new players with fantasy some fg experience

    License: GM has Full so players need at least demo.
    Game System: D&D 5E
    Time: UK TIME GMT: Willing to work around suiting the group though.
    Day of week and time: Any day for now and time to suit the group.
    planned start date: soon as possible
    Planned Duration & Frequency: i.e. 2 Hourrs -5 Hours Session, etc. & weekly or fortnightly.
    Long term keep playing for a while but players are welcome to move on once the module is finished if they would like..

    Text or Voice: Mix of both ok, etc.
    Voice software used: zoom/skype - also happy to video of people want to. Reactions are awesome.
    Will this be recorded. No plans to just yet

    Roleplay & Combat mix: i.e. 50/50 etc.
    Number of Players in game & needed: i.e. Have 1 player need 2-4 more, etc.
    Character starting level & equipment: i.e. 1st level, etc.
    Character restrictions: i.e. Only core races and classes, additional can be discussed

    Details of your scenario: I would like to discuss with the players which module they have done and if they are interested in what propose. Any module that we start will involve a lot of home brew material anyway.
    For example my lmop campaing is heavily changed to the original.
    Id like players that know how to create a player , do attacks and choose their spells. Although Im still happy to help people learn. I am a relatively new dm also so we can all learn together. Experienced players welcome as well but would just need to have patience with me and other players. Team work essential but you dont have to not be an individual. Encouraged to behave as their character would.

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    Hey there! I sent you a PM!
    Monday evening (Europe) works best for me.
    Less enthusiastic about camera.

    More details in the message. Best Wishes.

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    Hello, do you use diiscord? If so, my discord is Nia#5294.

    Add me so wwe can chat about if I could fit into your campaign.
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    Another european here.
    DMing biweekly saturdays and fridays. Not the same week...
    I got a good headset but average webcam. Well, nothing is going to improve my ugly mug anyway :-)
    Played SKT twice. But I do like to roleplay and play from my characters knowledge instead of my own.
    Other modules I know what they are about but neither run or played.
    I would prefer 90/10 in roleplay combat mix....
    I know how FG works and the rules but are rather laid back and I like to introduce new players to the game.

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    Time zone: UTC +2
    Time of Day Available: Monday - Thursday (starting 4pm UTC/GMT I have about 4-5 hours to play); Saturday - pretty flexible
    Fantasy Grounds License: Demo
    Voice/Visual: Discord is my go to, but Skype or Zoom is OK, if group wants it
    Game System Experience: basic knowledge and experience with 5e (played couple one shots + watched video tutorials/streamed games)
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: basic knowledge and experience with FG (played couple one shots + watched video tutorials/streamed games)
    Character Type Preferred: I am willing to try anything (almost)
    About Yourself: 28 years old, Czech republic. Looking to get more into D&D and FG

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