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    Prot Good/evil effect

    hi, im getting frustrated.

    I have Coded "Prot Good; IFT ALIGN(good);AC: 2 deflection; SAVE: 2 resistance"

    it adds the effect ...always.....the (IFT good) does not seem to work.

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    Prot Good; IFT: ALIGN(good);AC: 2 deflection; SAVE: 2 resistance

    Was missing a ":"

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    argggghhhh....thank you ive been going mental looking at this...

    nope now it does nothing instead.........okay.....i re-checked a few things....the player had coded his alignment as L/G instead of LG

    the colon plus fixing the player fixed it.
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    It worked on my test here, gotta remember the deflection bonus won't stack with the Ring of Protection my player has the Ring of Protection +1, so the effect only gave him a +1 bonus

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