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    Update merge

    I'm sure there is no automatic way of doing this, but I'm asking in case someone has experience doing this and might have advice. I took a ruleset and extracted it into a folder so I could make changes. The original ruleset I used has been updated with features I would like to add. Is there anything in particular to be careful of when trying to extract and replace into the folder I am currently using to act as my ruleset (other than obvious ones like backing everything up first, and noting which files have been changed to replicate the changes)?

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    No, there's no quick way to do that. You'd have to compare the old version of the files to the new version of the files to review the changes.

    My usual suggestion in scenarios like this is to write an extension that only overrides/adds the stuff you want to change (if modifying an existing game system); or make your own ruleset that inherits from the ruleset you're deriving from (if creating a new game system ruleset). Even then, you'll need to review changes as they come out for each version (approximately quarterly).


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    Since you were editing the ruleset files, I assume you aren't aware of how extensions work (they're perfect for what you're doing). They act like a mask for the rulseset and can replace/modify it without you having to edit the core file.
    It's the same skills you're already using to edit the main thing, just take a few minutes to study a couple existing extensions and/or read the documentation and you'll wish you tried it sooner.
    So much easier than having to recreate your work over and over off of new base packages!
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