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    Token Contact Sheets or Other Ways to Organize

    Hello all,

    I've purchased several different token packs, and they're great, but I'm having a lot of trouble finding what I might want when I want it. Is there a way to print a contact sheet of all the tokens in a particular module? Any suggestions for other ways to catalog or organize tokens to make it easier to find something specific?



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    Screen captures I guess? Otherwise FGU has a pretty good search capability within assets.

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    I thought about that, but while it captures the images, it doesn't get the descriptive text for each token, which is often pretty helpful. For mod files, I can rename it to a zip file, go into the tokens directory and use another tool to print a contact sheet. That doesn't seem to work, however, for the excellent Darkwoulfe token packs I got with the FGU Kickstarter or the WOTC token packs I've gotten. Those are dat files, and what's in them is password protected.

    I'll have to try the FGU search functionality. The search in Classic is helpful, but only if I have all of my token modules loaded, which I often don't. Does having a bunch of token packs loaded have much of an impact on performance?



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    Unity works differently than Classic. In Unity you have access to all your tokens in all modules via the assets button whether the module is open or not. And yes, in classic having many token modules open will casue performance issues.
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    FGU has a much improved way of managing token assets. I also own a fair sum of token packs. What I do is i make my own token pack of sorts. This is particularly with FGC, as FGU is just a test system for me atm.

    I get all the various tokens i want for a particular homebrew campaign session or one shot then i simply put them together so they appear in a single "token bag".

    Then whenever i need a token I know its in that single bag.

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    Thanks to each of you for the responses!

    I spent some time today looking at FGU, and it looks like it will be easier to manage the tokens there, so that may mostly solve my problem. I'm currently just a player in FG, so it's not a big issue yet, but in a few months I'll be starting up a Wrath of the Righteous campaign. I'm planning to use Unity for that if possible.

    If I end up needing to use Classic, I'll keep Mytherus' suggestion in mind and try making a custom token bag.

    Thanks again!


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