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    Question regarding what XML to copy into an extension

    I was following Damned's video, 5E Character Sheet Extension, and like many of his videos, he deletes certain XML. I get that you want to streamline code, and eliminate potential issues. But, I can't, without watching the video to see exactly what he is deleting, determine what exactly TO delete. Since, eventually, this is going to get to me making my own stuff, not just following videos, Any advice as to what to delete when working on extensions?

    BTW Damned, another great video


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    Which video exactly Amatiste?

    Generally include only the absolute minimum amount from the source.
    Usually you are modifying an existing behaviour or removing something or adding something small.

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    Remove all but the "stuff" your extension actually uses. Extensions layer on top of existing code. So, in general, you only want to include what is required to make your change.
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    Quote Originally Posted by damned View Post
    Which video exactly Amatiste?
    The one about adding the Sanity stat. I am trying to be able to make a character sheet in Core Only complaint i have is you didnt show till the second script file what top put in the extension.xml I kept trying to use includefile You actually decribed a lot better in this one what to remove, I was just wondering the whys and whats to delete for when I build something

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