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    all damage dice entries gone

    this has happened times before.

    - fg 3.3.11 with hot fix from 29.07
    - all my players removed campaign directory from both “cache” and “campaign”

    all damage dice entries for weapons and for spells were completely gone (only bonuses are left). players had to manually reset all damage dice.

    any report of this previously?

    odd thing: i had another group do the same directories removal and used same fg version, but this issue was not there. the only difference was (i think) i did not apply the hot fix update for this group.
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    I remember that some people had this problem, too (another time ago), but I can't remember what was causing it. When I remember it again, then I will let you know But why did you remove the campaign directories? When you want to clear the cache, then your players should better use the nuke button in the campaign-login screen (in case, that this is sometimes causing it, though I do not know why it should)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelrugem View Post
    ...nuke button in the campaign-login screen
    i think this nukes all campaign cache directories(?), and i don't know if my players are in other campaigns / tables. so i show them to remove only my campaign from cache.

    yea, if you remember, let me know.
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    I had this today.

    Had to manually reset all entries in the actions tab :-/

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    I think this is what Kelrugem is mentioning:!

    Since this seems like it's a thing that's happening to people, here is my advice for recovering the weapon dice:
    Try dragging the weapons from inventory to party inventory and then back.

    While it could be an extension you both use, it looks to me like a very rare edge case bug in FG (or more likely the corerpg ruleset).
    If it is an extension it would have to be something that edits the actions tab (like you mentioned in discord, Zygmunt Molotch)

    For spells I don't really have any advice (although this could be a great time to switch to PFRPG Spellbook and my Spell Formatting extension.)

    Interestingly, this was proposed to be the reason in one thread:

    I know tahl_liadon was editing some core files recently and had to redownload them. Any chance you tried loading with the files still deleted?
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    Yeah, can't replicate it myself at the moment, but my guess was the inventory management extension, just because that does funky things with items in the inventory->Actions tab, and is really screwy for shields/arrows (because they're listed as various objects & weapons in nearly every module, dependent on the author's whim, seemingly)


    I will try to replicate

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmos View Post
    I know tahl_liadon was editing some core files recently and had to redownload them. Any chance you tried loading with the files still deleted?
    not sure what you mean, sorry. i am guessing: was i able to replicate? prob not, since all my players manually repopulated all damage dice so we could game.

    (tl:dr) -- for now, things are as back-to-normal as can be.

    here is something interestingly hard to figure out:
    - i have 3 campaigns currently running, each with its own fg theme (totally different pathfinder adventure paths, requiring hot-swapping files before each campaign session)
    - all campaigns running on fg 3.3.11
    - i did same for all 3 campaigns: only affected/replaced graphic files in "graphics" directory (in .pak of 3.5e, corerpg, and pfrpg), as well as minor code adjustments in fonts xml files
    - all campaigns used same set of extensions
    - 1st group cleared only my [campaign name] from both "cache" and "campaign" -- no one experienced damage-dice-disappearance bug
    - 2nd group did same as 1st: cleared out [campaign name] from both -- all players experienced bug
    - thinking removing [campaign name] from both directory was the prob, i asked 3rd group to remove only from "cache" -- no one experienced bug
    - one of the players in 3rd group logged off, removed [campaign name] from both, then logged back on -- did not experience bug

    conclusion: removing [campaign name] from either/or or both "cache" and "campaign" directories was likely not to cause bug

    for all intents and purposes, these happened to be 3 controlled groups, yet the outcome was not consistent. something i missed/overlooked that was the x-factor in causing 2nd group to experience bug.

    then again as someone mentioned, it could very well be a specific extension with a bug that can cause irregular outcomes despite all 3 campaigns having same settings? [shrug]
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