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    General UI Enhancement Suggestions

    Hello FGC,

    I am new to this program with about 3 games under my belt as a DM using 5e ruleset. My group an I have collectively scoured the interwebs and deciphered the way of things and we are now starting to become comfortable with the many intricacies of the standard game client.

    I would, however, like to offer some feedback for some very useful and pleasing changes to the UI assuming they are possible and Smite Works hasn't ended their development of this product beyond the occasional pesky bug that pops up.

    I like the UI, now that I understand it. But, here are some suggestions that would save a lot of time for (the OCD in) me and potentially many others;

    - Allow all windows to be locked. It is a huge frustration to accidentally move a window if you've spent many minutes trying to align things perfectly. I realize my OCD is really showing here. But, due to the (sometimes overkill) many windows one must navigate, having them layed out according to ones preferences does save a lot of time in efficiency.

    - Create a pre-definable map window that all maps and images can adhere to. While I have the ability to open up all my maps and resize them before the game, this is silly. If you simply sized the map/image window one time, this would save a lot of prep or in-game time.

    - All all windows to be resized from any direction.

    - Code masking to tokens and not maps so LoS is possible. Not a coder myself but by following logic it would seem if masking were bound to tokens and not maps the LoS would be easy to accomplish.

    Anyways, these are likely common suggestions, and if they are in the works, planned, or not gonna happen and I missed the post where these are addressed, then feel free to direct me. Regardless, I love that this application exists, especially now. Thanks for a good product!
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    Welceomt o you and your group!

    FG is is still in active development. FGC (Classic) is stable and not receiving active improvements though it is fully supported and will eventually be deprecated. FGU (Unity) is currently in open beta and will continue to be improved into the indeterminate future. So I'm not sure which version you are referring to.

    Most of the behaviors you describe are specific to the ruleset that you are using. Though they are standard behaviors for most rulesets. LOS is currently available on a per token basis in FGU, but will not be added to FGC.

    I'm sure the devs appreciate the feedback, but so that ideas can be tracked and not lost in the flood of forum posts, they ask us to use the Wish List. Some of your ideas are probably already on it, but you are welcome to add any others. And while you are there, take some time to vote on the ones you see substantial value in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kNOwWHEREtoRUN View Post
    - All all windows to be resized from any direction.

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