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Thread: Tablet install?

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    Tablet install?

    I'd like to install FG on to a tablet I was just gifted. The Tablet is LG G70 and I can download fantasy grounds, but it will not install. Anyone know a trick or a step in the process I'm missing?

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    Google suggests that by LG G70, you might mean the LG G Pad 7.0. That is an Android tablet. Fantasy Grounds does not run on Android.

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    Damn, thanks for the information.

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    If you search the forums, someone 'sort-of' got FG running on an android tablet by installing it on their PC through Steam, and putting the Steam-link app on the tablet.

    I can't imagine it would be a great experience on a 7" screen though.

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    Most younger D&D gamers use phones and tablets to play, Fantasy Grounds is really hurting their possible market by not making this possible / easy.
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    The part that you are missing is that Fantasy Grounds is a program, not a lightweight app, which is what phones and tablets use. This is due to a drastic difference in what a tablet/phone can do versus a PC. Apples do not equal oranges. Could a lighter version be created for Fantasy Grounds? Sure, but their resources are currently focused on the FGU, 64-bit version that is expanding the functionality that people have wanted for years. They have a relatively small development group, I would hate to see it be slowed down/split trying to create a reduced functionality app at this point in time.

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