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    Hi, thanks a lot for the work. I tried lenghtly to get my Monsters to work but didn't manage. Withe the NPC Module that one is now fixed.

    I though got the same Problem to create a Powers module out of the Portable Compendium Beta29. Ain't a problem for me though since I want to use edited powers (Friend of mine did that in CBLoader), so I will import Characters anyways from there.
    But I would be interested in Items and Traps. Since I'm in no hurry, it'd be nice to know if you plan t script these anyways. Otherwise I'd try the offline compendium obviously.

    Thanks for the Information

    P.S.: That is everything that is written in the console. And the it just shuts down.
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    Hi, thx for the work, I tried to run the power.exe and the next error appeared:


    hope you can fix the problem, aslso a question, do you plan to create scripts for the items section or other sections?, thanks and congrats on the great work.

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    Thanks for the great work. For some reason I get a permission denied error at the end of each script. Any clues on how to troubleshoot this?

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    Hey Love the program as I wasn't able to get a insider membership in time but I was wondering if you could make a script to generate the basic equipment module like your other Module Generator.

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    Also it seems my copy of beta 29 has no issues as it displays all 5000+ creatures and converted without error either

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    Where do i find the compendium? Googling is not helping.

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    Ya it took me a while to find and i haven't seen it since. I do have my copy uploaded to my gdrive but am not fully sure on the rules surround this link, though if you really need it shoot me a pm and ill send the link to my backup on gdrive.

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    Ok i copied the files into the sources file but when i run the .bat file it says they can't be found.

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    Did you run into issues trying to import Items with this version of the utility? I've started looking at the format, and pondering trying to duplicate your work for Items. At the moment, I'm too tired to parse everything, tho.

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    Unfortunately the creator only created that script for the other compendium and it was limited to gear from the players handbook only.

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