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    Worlds and Trade

    I hope somebody can help. How do I add trade goods to the Trade tab of a world. Can't seem to figure it out

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    I don't think its been fully implemented yet, as it seems to be a spaceholder. My advice would be set it up as a parcel for your reference, then you can drag & drop the relevant goods to the Party Inventory.

    PS. I have made a trade module for all those extra goods,
    Ultimate License, Classic & Unity, Currently Running Fortnightly, 5E Land of Fate, 5E Vale of Shadows, 5E Pages of Darkness, 5E Izramurs lingering Gift, 5E Jotunhammer, 5E Terror Loch Tower, 5E Spellbinder, MGT2 Pirates of Drinax, 5E Storm Giants Thunder, 5E Winters Curse, 5E Catacombes of Sunless Sorrows

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    OK, thanks that's very useful.
    I've already picked up your trade module, it's very good. Many thanks

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    Yea, it's not fully implemented yet, got side tracked onto Spaceships and things.

    If I remember right, you can right-click and add items.

    I will get back to it, as I use Trade in my game on/off.


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    Yeah got it, right click, create item. How did I manage to miss that.

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    Well the end game idea is to automate a lot of it based on what kind of Trade you do, ie Freight it can with a bit of data entry generate all the available freight etc.

    Once Spacecraft CT is out, then I can relax and focus back on things like Trade.


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