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    AAAND I'm back...Feline Agility - Tabaxi

    Yup....I'm definitely going to be getting my forum levels fast at this rate!!!!!

    Anyway, to the point of the matter, the very sharp points

    Created a Tabaxi character. Went to check all the traits/features/etc.

    When I click on the link for Feline Agility, I got the entire race info AND the links on that page do not work...AND there is no second tab to get the active links to actually SEE what feline agility is.

    Pics attached.
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    If this is from a character created by the character wizard, there is already a fix queued in the Test channel for an upcoming release.
    If not, let me know, and I can investigate more.


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    Great to hear! I did use the Char Wiz for this. I got a couple of questions in relation to this one

    Concerning the Char Wiz, I noticed that it has no flexibility when it comes to two aspects having the same skill. Specifically, a half-orc with soldier background. Both have intimidation. It won't let me select a different skill to prevent the overlap.

    Concerning looking for similar subjects, I went through a search before I posted this and found nothing on Tabaxi or Feline Agility. I'll take it this was found in a testing scenario then? Who could get involved in this? How does one get involved in this?

    Thanks a bunch


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    You can switch to test channel in launcher settings to access test builds.
    bmos' pathfinder 1e extensions
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    Issues you encounter when using the 5E Character Wizard should be reported here; https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...Reports-(2020)

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    Thank you both!

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