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Thread: GM rolls as PC

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    GM rolls as PC

    I am using the One Ring RPG ext (uses CoreRPG) and playing solo using Mythic. When I double click an attribute in the character sheet the resultant dice shows in chat as the GM not the PC. Because I am playing solo, for my records I need it to show as the PC. It works if I click the "chat as PC" icon, but if I forget, it will then show as the wrong character or GM, which messes up the stats. In 5e when you click an attribute it does show it in chat as the pc whose sheet you have rolled from. I really need to be able to have this functionality working in CoreRPG. Does anyone have any ideas how I can do this? (I hope what I have written make sense :-)


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    You could launch FG again and connect in as a client and do all of the player actions from the client.

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    I think you'll have to write an extension to have it behave like 5E.

    You could try out MoreCore and see what the default behavior is there. And then move your campaign to that ruleset.

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    This is more of a CoreRPG thing, and as the extension being used is based on CoreRPG the option to move to MoreCore might not be viable.

    @gpbuk1 - Are you using the ruleset layered on top of CoreRPG? The one here:

    To do this in the current setup will probably need a change to the CoreRPG ruleset via an extension, more than likely in the TOR ruleset so that it changes the rolls specific to that ruleset.

    With that being said, your best bet is do as @Granamere suggests and run a second instance of FG on your computer and "Join Game" with a server address of localhost and do the PC rolling from that instance.
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    Would using the /gmid command to change the default name of the GM work? If you were playing as a single character this may be a backstop in case you clicked the roll without changing instances or forget to click the 'chat as PC' button.
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