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    CT Open on Turn extension

    I posted this extension for free (Pay what you want) over on DMsGuild.

    The extension allows the DM to have FG automatically open up the record sheet for NPC/PCs when they gain their turn in initiative. When the turn is passed, it will also auto-close the NPCs window. This is very useful for DM's who like to have the sheets open for easier readability of the powers/abilities during combat, or for those who want the records visible on screen while streaming.

    The extension has 2 options added which allow the GM to select which type of record will auto-open (Both (default), NPC, PC, Off), and which type of record will auto-close (Both (default), NPC, PC, Off).

    The extension is based entirely off of CoreRPG, so it should work with rulesets based off of it. Tested in CoreRPG and 5e.
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    So, it should function with FGU also on the 5e ruleset?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TXCBoy36 View Post
    So, it should function with FGU also on the 5e ruleset?

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    Ok, purchased it last night.....will test it this weekend

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    Perfect. Tried for free and bought it once I tested it.

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