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    Creating Rune Tab on BRP

    I am trying to create a Rune Tab for my Runequest game. I'm not a programmer so I tend to parrot other code in the ruleset. I am using the Basic Roleplaying (BRP) in Unity version.

    Runes share a lot with Skills mechanically. So I copied the record_char_skills.xml and made record_char_runes.xml. I followed this logic for record_skills.xml to record_runes.xml. I did the same for the associated lua files for the scripts to include a manager_action_rune.lua, charsheet_runelist.lua and charsheet_runelistitem.lua and adjusted my base file to include the new files. Then I added affinities and runes to the gameline script file parroting categories and skills.

    I went through the files I copied and changed every single instance of skill to rune and category to affinity. I paid attention to lowercase and uppercase in all these changes. I also paid attention to the abbreviation "cat" used for category and created "aff" for affinity and made all of these changes.

    One difference between skill categories and rune affinities is that skill categories have a bonus that can be added to category's skills, while rune affinities do not. Because of this I removed everything related to bonuses in these rune files.

    Here is my expectation. When I run these files I want to see a list of runes broken down by affinity in the same manner that skills are broken down by category.

    My current output is not my expectation. I get the three affinities listed one under the other followed by a column of the 16 runes. Everything else seems to work fine as I can roll the dice for a rune. I can change the rune values as expected. The base values appear as entered. Custom runes can be created. But the runes refuse to group properly.

    Is there something in the category bonus that is used for sorting? I'm at a loss. Like I mentioned. I more of a parrot than a programmer. If I can get this done though I will be well on my way to running Runequest for my players.

    Thanks for any input.

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    BRP has quite a bit of roots in various files to fill the windows. The gameline/scripts/brpscript.lua basically controls what goes into the current system is being run. It needs some work, but to simplify your project, I would honestly create a new tab (seen in record_char.xml and creating the record_char_<insert name>.xml) and build it by hand. Re-using the BRP code will create problems as they tend to point back to the file I pointed to above. BRP was built using old methods that can make adding extensions a bit more complicated. The most simple method would be to copying the CoreRPG Main tab and then tweaking it to your needs. Does require some input from the players, but will give you a simple space to track the runes. Then you can work from this base and keep adding features and elements little by little to a more automated state. This will also help in get you in game faster and you can learn little by little.
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    Sadly, the way that gameline is setup it is easier to fork the whole ruleset than to do an extension and that is sort of defeatist.

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    Tengu1958, check out the RQ2/RQiG extensions created by Azaran: I belive the RQiG extension has a rune tab. And if you would like your rune tab to look or work in a different way you can still study Azaran's work and get ideas how to do your rune tab the way you like it.

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