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    ISO an extension to add CT Fields

    Hello everyone!

    I want to add a stress mechanic to my 5e game, and have it trackable in the Combat Tracker, viewable by both the GM and the Players.
    Ideally, there would be two fields: one for tracking current stress, and another to show what the character's max stress threshold is, but that's just wishful thinking maybe.
    These would just need to really be two fields on the CT I could manually enter numbers into as we go.

    Is there anything like this out there? My searches came up empty...

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    So much silence!

    I am guessing this just isn't a thing? Nobody out there has wanted to track additional statistics during combat from the convenience of the CT?

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    I am not aware of an extension that caters to this exact scenario. To have it available in your game, if no extension is found, an extension would have to be made. So if your willing to work through and create one, then a great place to start is how the number boxes are made on the ct_host.xml and ct_client.xml. Duplicating the idea behind them will add new number boxes for your tracking needs. Linking them to other records will complicate things significantly, but just adding a space to track is a simple process.
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    You ill need to edit a few files including ct_host.xml, ct_client.xml and record_char_main.xml

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