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    Bug - Character Wizard - Astral Elf (UA)

    Small bug report:

    When creating a character with the wizard and choosing "Astral Elf" as the race, it does not appropriately grant the racial ability scores.

    What happens: the "Select Ability Score" tab allows you to pick one ability score, which increases by one. Or, it has three options to each increase an ability score by one.

    What should happen: there should be two "Select Ability Score" tabs as the Astral Elf has +2 to one ability score and +1 to another as per its description. The "Ability Score Increase" trait description correctly states "One ability score of your choice increases by 2, and one other ability score of your choice increases by 1. Alternatively three different ability scores of your choice increase by 1."

    Source: UA

    Edit: All traits are also missing for the Eladrin (DMG) and Eladrin elf subrace on the character wizard.


    MOD: moved to Character Wizard Bug report thread.
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    Welcome to FGU.

    The Character Wizard is undergoing a considerable revision and should be available in the next update. Such things as you mention above have been fixed.
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