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    I am having lots of script issues (it seems choices my PCs make in character creation don't translate onto their character sheets as well) in the character wizard for the Ultramodern 5e DLC. It's almost unusable. I could see this as being an issue with Ultramodern DLC but its frustrating nonetheless.
    Hi AffableBrandish,
    Currently the 5E Character Wizard is only intended for use with official Wizards of the Coast 5E Dungeons & Dragons. I am working on expanding its parsing to include third party products such as Ultramodern 5E REDUX and Midgard, but that is still in development. It should be available soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by krypticz View Post
    Is there a way when you level up, that when using the Wizard that it would highlight sections like Spells & Feats to let you know that you have something to select? Right now when I level up a character from 7 to 8, i adjust the level, click the NEXT button. It moved to Inventory & that's it. Spells & Feats are not highlighted pointing out that I get to add another spell, or that i have the option to take a feat or ability score improvement.

    It would also be nice if there was a way to see descriptions of options, like FEATS, so you know what your selecting without having to open a separate tab to look them up.
    Thanks for the suggestions. The Character Wizard should alert you to available Ability Score Improvements/Feats, but Spells were optional when it was created. (You could make a bare bones character quickly and then populate the spell choices later if the player did not want to make it all at once. That option needed to still be available) I will see about adding alerts to spells and to have feats have a link to their description.
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