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    Character Starship Sheets Adding Extra Weapons Mountpoints

    I am attempting to make PC starship sheets for the Hippocampus and Sunrise Maiden, but each of those ships have extra weapons mounts and FG does not allow for dropping on the sheet more weapons than what the frame supports. So I am not sure how to add extra weapons mount points to the PC starship sheets. There is no starship component and the only thing I see in the weapons tab is manually adding starship weapons. Is there a way to allow me to increase the number of weapons so I don't have to manually add it?

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    I manually added them. It wasn't too much work.

    Just beware that there is an issue with the frame configuration currently. You probably will end up with a ship with 0 HP. Apparently that will be fixed shortly.

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    This might be related, but now that Near Space has been released, I will ask the question.

    I'm trying to create a PC Starship that is based on the Norikama Reliant. Should I be able to do that??

    There are more problems with this than just the 2 linked gyrolasers.

    • 150 PU Pulse Green PCU - currently here's the consumption - 100, Drift Drive; 20, Mk 3 Duonode; 20, Shields 50; 3, Mk4 Defenses, 10 ea, Gyrolasers (2) - Over budget 163
      --- Update: I read in the Core RB that you can overbudget your power in building, but not in usage. So, No Drift jumps while in combat.
    • No Speed is getting populated???
      --- Although they are not listed, in the NPC ship, nor in the Near Space book, I assume S6 Thrusters are implied with the Frame???
    • HPs for Small Light Freighter is 40. This boat has 50.
      --- Add HP increment of 10 to HP for Tier 4. I can do this in the CT and it updates the ship char sheet.
    • AC and TL are 15, this boat is 19. (I can manually adjust.)

    What am I doing wrong?
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    Well the bug fixes are going into the TEST version of the ruleset currently and has streamlined many processes. There was a significant cleanup of the PC ship sheet and can be seen if using that version of the ruleset.
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    Easy to miss (I know I did at first), but per Starfinder Core Rulebook:
    New Weapon Mounts
    Greater dangers means the PCs will require more powerful weapons in order to survive and triumph. Unless they begin flying around with an escort of armed battlecruisers, the weapons they start with will eventually become inadequate. Bigger weapons require the correct weapon mounts, however. By spending 4 BP, the crew can upgrade a light weapon mount in any of the aft, forward, port, or starboard arcs to a heavy weapon mount. By spending 6 BP, the crew can upgrade a light weapon mount on a turret to a heavy weapon mount. By spending 5 Build Points, the crew can upgrade a heavy weapon mount in any of the aft, forward, port, or starboard arcs to a capital weapon mount. Heavy weapons can be mounted on only Medium or larger starships. Capital weapons can be mounted on only Huge or larger starships and canít be mounted on turrets. By spending 3 BP, the crew can fit a new light weapon mount in any of the aft, forward, port, or starboard arcs with enough free space. By spending 5 BP, the crew can fit a new light weapon mount on a turret that has enough free space. Tiny and Small starships can have only two weapon mounts per arc (and per turret). Medium and Large starships can have only three weapon mounts per arc (and per turret). Huge and larger starships can have only four weapon mounts per arc (and per turret).
    This is not automated as "weapon mount" is not a starship item and it is easier just to manually edit the weapon slots and add the BP cost as a line item under "Build Points Summary." I found out about it at first when I had 'ported the Sunrise Maiden into a PC Ship. :P

    Another thing to note is that Paizo regularly cheats a little when making their NPC ships, so if your BP doesn't add up when you 'port it to a PC ship, don't worry - it's not you

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