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    Dhysrupt0r -

    Welcome aboard. We can discuss outside this form what is going to work for you or not, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drebb View Post
    I would also like to be considered for your game. A little bit about me. I'm am middle age guy living in the CST. I cut my teeth on AD&D back in highschool, getting back into D&D with the VTT it makes it so much easier to get together to play. Newer to FG (classic) and 5e, never played in Unity. I do have a few games under my belt so I know enough to be dangerous. I fit all your player requierments to a tee. I'm a Vetran and a Nurse by trade (I have a lot of experience in dealing with people from every demographic you can imagine) I get along with 99.5% of people I interact with. I don't ever discuss politics, everyone is entitled to their beliefs, and I respect that, but I escape to a fantasy world to take a break from the real one. Attacking anyone is against my personal Ethos. Thats what goblins are for right? GM is the game master, right their ruling is final? Everyone makes mistakes including me it's how we learn. Keeping the game flowing is more important to me then getting all the rules correct. I try to keep my language PG but some R rated stuff might slip out. I can separate real life and a fantasy game so pretty much anything is in bounds for me. I've never been much of a power gamer, I tend to play vanilla characters. I am available every night except for Friday and saturday's after 7pm. I'm also comfortable with discord and voice. If I am someone that may fit the bill for you, and my time restrictions for when you are planning to play are ok let me know.

    I also feel being present for each gaming session is very important, With school starting here soon, there may be times when my family will come first. (I assume Covid will make it rare) If that ever happens I will let you know as soon as I know.

    Thanks for concidering me.
    I'll shoot you a message - I understand the family/school thing as I have 5 kids from high school to not yet in pre-school. I'm seriously not expecting sports, concerts, etc this year so I'm going to need something to do (thus trying to set up an online group) - I'll be very surprised if we're at anything close to normal this school year, maybe make it about a month would be my guess before it's 100% back at home and everything canceled.

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    Quote Originally Posted by luketbro91 View Post
    Myself and a buddy of mine are interested. I have done some DMing and have a pretty good grasp on the game.
    I'll shoot you a message.

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    I'm looking for a group who loves to rp and stay in character most of the time.

    FG License: Free but willing to purchase.
    Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: Weekly Staturdays, weekdays weekly after 5 pm PST.
    Term: i.e. Long term looking to develop character to lvl 10 +. Also willing to play through a module.
    Voice: Can voice chat. Prefer Discord.

    Game System Preferred: 5e
    Game System Experience: Been playing DnD since 1977. Yes, I started back when the game was just paperback pamphlets!
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: I've been playing in FG for a month or so now.
    Character Type Preferred: I prefer classes like rogues and bards that require lots of roleplaying. But I've played them all. I prefer to be in character while I play. (As an aside, I spent some time on the cast of Bristol Renaissance Faire.) Let me know the character your group needs and I'll play it.
    About me: I'm a 58 year old physicist who grew up gaming. I love roleplaying because it allows me to step into an alternate reality and be something I never could be in real life. Heavy urban RP or hack'n'slash dungeon crawl, I love it all.

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    Looks like you have a bunch of players, I'll throw in just in case you have an opening, I always try to play fun characters, out of the normal. I'm free almost anytime. CMT -7 Colorado.

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    Do you wish to continue talks in discord? if so please send me an invite

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    If you still have openings I've been looking for a Friday (EST) game. Pm me

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    Quote Originally Posted by kajip View Post
    Dhysrupt0r -

    Welcome aboard. We can discuss outside this form what is going to work for you or not, etc.
    Thanks, if you need me to discuss anything just tell me when. I’m free most weekdays except Friday after 9:00pm CST.
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    Hey, I am Ethan Hofer (14 year old. experienced D&D player), and I'm interested in joining your game. A little about me -- I am a complete nerd, and looking to get people who I can play D&D with that actually know somewhat what they're doing and aren't just in it to meme it (aka almost every potential player I've met at school). I am very non-critical, as long as you focus on the game rather than social media, you are perfect for me. I have significant DM experience, if not wisdom, but have only played one-shots as a PC. I would LOVE to get into D&D as a campaign without being the DM. Although, one request, could you run a different module than Mines of Phandelver, just because I've completely finished that one (that is my go-to module for new players so I know it by heart). I mean, I wouldn't metagame, or at least would try not to, but when you know where every trap and every encounter and every piece of treasure is, it's kind of hard not to metagame, if you know what I mean. If you don't have any other module on FGU, I am able to send a .mod file of one I bought off of DMsguild, and haven't played it yet but it was like 4.8 stars and had a very high number of purchases/ratings, so it looks good. I haven't read it either. But if you have one that you already know, just run that. Also, if you want to contact me, I'd prefer if you messaged me on Discord (Ethanos#0773) and just replied on the message board with your account name. Alternatively, you could give me your account, or just reply up here, though you said we communicate through Discord so I suspect that DMing me over discord would work best.

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    I would be interested in playing. I'm free Monday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings

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