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    Now that it's been Updated - Would it be Possible to Customize it for Mythras?

    I just noticed in a thread though that this ruleset has now been updated. That's got me interested in a purchase, but admittedly I'm much more focused on GMing with Mythras (RQ6 with serial #s filed off) these days. So that's got me wondering if this ruleset could be customized to support it? I customized the D&D 5e ruleset to support Adventures in Middle Earth, which required me to change Races to Cultures and create them, Feats to Virtues and create them, add a number of skills, create new classes and add in the Shadow rules. I didn't need to write a single line of LUA code for that and did it all with XML file edits.

    I'd be up for homebrewing a similar customization with this ruleset for Mythras, but I'm not sure if this recent FG update is Gold Book BRP or something else/newer? It's been a while since I ran a GB campaign, but I remember the differences being Cultures (seem to recall them being an option in GB), Careers vs Professions, Abilities vs Derived Characteristics (most were the same though) and the Skills. Character building is what I recall being the biggest difference, as Mythras uses a point build system structured around Cultures and Careers.

    Anyhow, I'm wondering if anyone who's using the recent FG BRP ruleset and who's familiar with Mythras/RQ6, could comment on how possible it might be to customize it to support Mythras?
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    One starting point would be to study part 3 - Adapting the Rueset - of the old guide to the rule set. You can find a PDF at:

    I never played Mystra but I do own a copy of RQ6 and I think it would be quite doable.

    You may also want to have a look at the RQ in Glorantha extension. The latest version of Chaosium's RQ has a bit different ways of calculating HP, SR and so on. The BRP ruleset is essentially using the mechanics from RQ3. You can find a thread about the extension here:

    I think the above should give you an idea about how to adapt the ruleset to Mystra. If you do it: start small. For example: change the way of calculating crits and test it. Then change the HP calculating method and test it and so on. Making to many changes on how the mechanics works at the same time can make it difficult to debug errors.

    Have fun,

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    Thanks for the reply Peter.

    I did go as far as buying the RQ in Glorantha PDF, but that flavor of d100 didn't do it for me. I bought it about the same time I discovered Mythras and the latter appealed more to me as a set of core rules that could support some good homebrewing. As well, I've had no experience roleplaying in the world of Glorantha, so that was no doubt a part of that.

    Many thanks for the link to the BRP ruleset for FG II PDF. That will be very helpful in figuring out whether a Mythras customization might be possible - especially the section you mentioned on adapting the ruleset.

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    Thanks for pointing me to this thread. In my attempts to modify BRP a bit toward Mongoose's Legend, I modified the Runequest2.ext with the following
    Skills code.jpg
    The ones not marked with Untrained=true showed up properly in the character sheet with the correct base numbers.
    Skills in game.jpg
    So forgive this really stupid question... how to I get to the Advanced and Magical skills I entered as Untrained when I need them on the character sheet? I feel like if I can get these skills in place and then figure out a way to get an initiative roll in there (DEX+INT/2+1d10) and some tracking of hero points (doesn't even matter how, just a text field), I might be close enough. Wish list stuff beyond that would be adding armor points to weapons along with a size rating and tweaking the base chance of all melee weapons to DEX+STR and all range weapons to DEX*2. But none of that is essential.

    Anyway, thanks again. I'm not at all a programmer, so apologies in advance for missing things that should seem obvious.
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    It is too bad that the update didn't break those into separate entities in order to make it easier to override things in extensions without having to override everything. Sort of defeats the point of extensions. That one massive block is kind of unwieldy.

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    The goal of the update was simply to layer the existing game system specific code on the CoreRPG framework; so that at least the basic functionality would improve over time. This ruleset is still in maintenance mode, and we haven't had a DLC developer step up to enhance it.


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