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    My group of former Roll20 players think FG's dice hate them.

    I convinced my 5e group to switch to FG and play Starfinder. They like the Starfinder system, but are convinced that the dice rolls are bugged. One player in particular always seems to roll bad and the other players are starting to believe it's possible that something is not right. I not sure what to do about this situation.
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    Not sure what to say here except to provide something to ponder....I've had games where all but 1 pr 2 players roll horribly. I ve had games where 15 nat 20s were rolled.

    Its not fg. I can say with 100% certainty but only 99%. **** happens. Bad roll streaks happen. It is what it is.

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    So this has been talked about before. I just read something a couple of days ago about someone making a addon that would keep the dice stats. I will see if I can find the thread. Here is another one to read.


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    Confirmation bias, all RPG's players dice hate them...

    Edit: Also tell them to change the color of their dice.
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    That extension is still in development I think, but there are others that read the chat log at the end of a session. Either way, the side are physically simulated (rather than using a random number generator). The odds of an issue are pretty slim I think.

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    I agree. I play with a bunch of computer people. I am surprised one guy has not wanted to reach out to FG dev group to see which way the numbers are created. LOL Then again he might have done that and not told me. All that to say my players are more of the show me the proof. I bet like the original posters are.

    Lavoiejh do you have any links to where they could get an extension that would work for them?

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    Send them the chatlog.html file and have them run whatever distribution analysis they wish. Just make sure they understand probability and they will find that everything rolls like it should. Then have them research confirmation bias, it will explain why they think they are being persecuted

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nylanfs View Post
    Edit: Also tell them to change the color of their dice.
    I do this as a GM when I feel the dice aren't sufficiently 'rolling my way' . .
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    Doug or John has a post somewhere that details how the dice are generated. It involves a physics engine, the motion and direction your mouse has. It's pretty elaborate and probably as close to random as the real world dice are.
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