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    LFG 1 player Pathfinder 1e or 2e GMT+3

    The post is now closed,so if mods are around could you please delete this for me?
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    I trying to run a game to get some experience in FGU. But finding people in compatible time zones who prefer Pathfinder 1 is an issue.

    But your times could potentially work.
    Wed 30 Sept 1pm Helsinki.
    Wed 30 Sept 8pm Sydney.

    Will be starting with Pathfinder 1e. I've got full FGU, so there is no cost.
    "Danger of death" requirement is OK, but I was deliberately going to start with just core rules until I got better with running FGU. Could add stuff later on.

    Problem at this point is that a couple of other player are really required. But I could postpone the start a couple of weeks to try and gather a few other people.

    EDIT: I had another idea. Even if no other players are available, we could still do a one off game just to learn FGU a bit better (which was my main aim anyway).
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    Not having access to any of the races or classes beyond core ones is bit of a turn off but the time works for me and all that so I'm down,been meaning to play something like a human wizard anyway. I've got couple of friends who also play pathfinder,I could ask them if the time works for them and all that. If not I'm also just fine with one shot one on one.
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    I've sent a private message with the details.

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