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    Maps from recent adventure of mine

    Hello, made some maps for a recent adventure and I thought they turned out pretty good, thought I'd share them if anyone needs these for something they are running. I used Dungeon Painter Studio to make them. I really like the software,
    Got a small cave.
    Small Cave(19x14).jpg
    Mines of Moria like stairs
    Stairs into darkness(26x26).jpg
    bottom of stairs and sandbar like island and pathway

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    Awesome! Any chance for versions without the grid?

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    Sure, they are 70px/square for setting the grid in FG.
    Small Cave(19x14)[no grid].jpg
    Stairs into darkness(26x26)[no grid].jpg
    Walkway(26x29)[no grid].jpg
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    Thank you. I like the way you did the elevation changes.

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    Thanks! Though all the real work was done by the creators of the Mod packs for DPS, if your talking about the cave map that is Caves and Caves Revisited by Stryxin. Everything Stryxin makes is gold.

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