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    Hi. I am new to FGU and was in a campaign on FGC a few years ago but the Holiday season wiped it out. Covid Holidays are going to be different and I am very rusty. What I am looking for is a newbie pre session zero type thing so I know what I must have already and how to do that. For example does session zero mean that is the day you make your character or do you have that ready first. I got tutored in petty smoothly last time and got my ranger from 1 to 4 before group was swallowed by Holiday dinners. It might be that I just did not learn in FGU. I really love 5e and have a great spirit to play. However, I play more to the "My character would do, say, or try this" rather than going to voice act it out. I am never going to speak in elven or voice sing/play an instrument as a bard. Do not worry though, as you can see I am still quite verbose. So anyhow I am free always, basically, so question: What time / day can I say I am looking for that would fill a party to start soon that starts adventurers at level 1. I would prefer the long campaign that carries through most levels but hey I am also just wanting to play and learn.

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    I'm looking for a long term game, Thursday nights, where I can run a Goliath.

    I started playing in 1977, yep I'm *cough cough* years old, and have loved the game ever since.

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    I am also looking for a Thursday night game
    I can bring 2 advanced players
    We both are usually flexible as to the role our characters would play: healer, tank, dps...etc

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    What say you, good GM?
    I started playing in 1977, yep I'm *cough cough* years old, and have loved the game ever since.

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