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    Player NPC End Turn

    Do your players have familiars on the Combat Tracker? Or summoned creatures?
    Until now, players were unable to pass the turn when their NPC finished its turn in combat.
    This extension allows a player to pass the turn for their NPCs as long as they have that NPCs sheet open.

    The extension is free, or Pay What You Want. Available on DMsGuild at

    This extension relies on the Player having the NPC sheet open (not just shared, then closed).
    1. DM Shares the NPC in the CT to the player by dragging the link to the players portrait
    2. The player must keep the NPC record window Open
    3. Then when its that NPCs turn, the player can click the end turn for that NPC

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    This has a lot of potential! I'll check it out this week, I hope.

    Fantasy Grounds Unity may be official now, but its release may take a while yet.

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