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    New Player LFG for some day time one shot

    Well met! As a newer player to D&D, I am excited to start my new adventures.
    Game: D&D 5e
    Group preferred: Online – Open to One-shot and/or longer campaigns. Adventure League Friendly.
    Experience: I was able to play several games at the San Diego [email protected] D&D Event and some follow on one-shot sessions. I have my characters in DNDBeyond, FG, FGU, and Roll20, pdf available upon request.
    Location/Time zone: Mountain Time (UTC -6)
    Availability: I am looking for early afternoon or day time games. Weekend availability can very.
    Preferred role: Player
    Game style: 50/50 or 33/33/33 preferred. I want to work on my character development and role playing skills. My willingness to play any character to help round out a group should be a welcome advantage.

    My Discord name is Lychordia#7202.
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    Same here! Same age, never used FG, new to 5e but played from 1e to 3.5e (with dragon/dungeon magazine options)

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