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    Oops 2 hours left (Midnight EDT) on Talanian Hyperborea giveaway (JUST saw it :( )

    If interested in chance at cool free signed/numbered adventures - go there and enter. If not and still have time to do it, if you follow them (39 more needed) and they hit 1000 followers, then they up the prizes to 3 sets of 3 adventures instead of just 1 winner.

    Last hours.

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    According to the Tweet, it's midnight tonight (07/21/2020) so you have a bit left. Thanks for posting it!

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    Hah - and this is why I HATE "ends midnight on X/Y/Z" stuff - cos I always get confused. Because to me, Midnight IS the next day. At least in my head. Midnight on 2020-07-21 is the first minute of the day.

    This is why I applaud those who do July 21st, at 12:01AM EDT instead it is clear.

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