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    I've got a database folder from the latest 3.6.1 version of the Offline Compendium and ran it through the Python scripts. I didn't encounter any obvious errors, however the console output is giving me some concern. For NPCs, Feats, and Powers, all entries that were recovered from the database were converted, but other numbers don't match up:
    * 631 basic weapon entries were recovered, but only 128 were converted
    * 493 basic armor entries were recovered, but only 99 were converted (as Weapons)
    * 1963 feat entries were recovered, but only 180 were converted.

    Is this intended behavior?

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    Hello, I've been trying to convert my offline compendium js files. I keep getting an error in each of them when running them individually.
    if needs be I can provide the data0.js as an example.
    I double checked and have some text formatting in the js files. Mostly carriage returns and tabs. I tried taking them out to now effect.
    The error itself seems to be a problem in the python file. But I'm not sure what the displayed error is telling me.

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    I've managed to generate the .mod files, but inspecting the db.xml I see there is no <library> tag, so how can we access the power list, for instance?

    Edit: Solved with Better Menus extension.
    You can see Powers/Feats in the Records menu.
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    Is it just me, or does the Adventure Vault I & II along with Mordekainen not show up in basic_items, basic_armor, and basic_weapons? If this is intended, is there a reason for it to be so? I would love to have every item accessable for my games.

    Thanks for the great work on the module generator! It has enabled me to play 4e with 4 of my friends, and it runs quite smoothly.

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    I've run the program. Got the files to convert/create the .mod files. The file sizes are small, and I cannot see the detailed info. Is there a chance someone can supply the .mod files for group use?

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    Ran the program and everything came out swimmingly. While I'm thrilled beyond words (I came to 4e after the DDI shut-down), it would be wonderful to also have the program cover race, class, rituals, and combat stuff like Opportunity Attacks, Basic Melee, etc. Any chance that might be covered someday?

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