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    Quote Originally Posted by YggBjorn View Post
    The string has been given to a team of Scientists, Physicists, Televangelists, Illusionists, and Gary. Gary makes really good coffee.

    We've got top men working on the answer. Top men!
    Way to go Gary!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doswelk View Post
    How long is a piece of string?

    When it is done, it will be done

    Ikael is converting it, so it will rock, but be patient.

    Lost Colony took me little time to convert, but it did not require LUA coding to rewrite SWADE game mechanics, Deadlands Weird West does.
    I would like to at least try to work on CorePRG+, I'm comfortable in Python, I use R and MATLAB as well. I used Lua some time ago when working on Minecraft Mod called Computercraft.

    What would I need to learn and edit CoreRPG+ to convert or at least edit the system to get some of my favorite systems?

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