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    Bug Report - Hell on Earth Reloaded weapon damage + missing skills for HoE companion


    Starting a game of The Worm's Turn next week using the Hell on Earth Reloaded rules in FGU. It appears that any weapon whose damage value is Str+dX instead roles as Str+Str. For example, a sword does Str+d8 damage. For a PC/NPC with d6 Strength the sword is supposed to roll d6+d8 for damage, instead it just rolls d6+d6. If Strength is set to d4 then weapons will instead do d4+d4, and so on and so forth. This is manually fixable by changing the damage value to dX+dX, e.g. for the sword I've entered d6+d8 for a d6 Strength NPC to get it to roll damage normally. Just kidding, this works as intended.

    Additionally, all of the new arcane skills for the arcane background edges exclusive to the HoE Companion are missing. The missing skills are: Witchcraft and Bibliopathy. If I manually add the skills they appear to function as normal.
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    I'm not familiar with Savage Worlds; but I thought I remember that something about Strength capping damage in previous similar threads. Is there something in the rules for that.

    For HoE; have you enabled any extensions related to the Setting for Hell on Earth and/or any Arcane Background extensions?

    Hopefully, someone more familiar with Savage Worlds and HoE can chime in.


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    You're right! That's exactly what's happening. I did some digging in SWADE and found: "A thrown or melee weapon's damage die is limited by the user's Strength die." How strange; our group just played through a full game of Deadlands and this never even came up once. Thanks so much for the help.

    The only issue is then the two missing skills from the Hell on Earth Companion.

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