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    Bug Report - Skin not loading

    I’ve just updated to the latest version of Fantasy Grounds and despite having the Savage Worlds Fantasy Skin and making sure the software has been updated, the skin will not load and I get the following error message ‘[ERROR] icon: Could not find image file (graphics/icons/portrait.png) for icon (portraittoken_base).’

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    What extensions are you running?

    FGC or FGU?

    Reason I ask I have no problem with FGC and no extensions.
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    I've just upgraded to FGU. It was fine with FGC but is supposed to run with both versions.

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    I just pushed a new build of the Savage Worlds Fantasy Theme to FGU patch system. Just run a new Check for Updates. Other than the error message, it shouldn't have affected anything during play; but I went ahead and pushed a fix.


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