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    Bug Report - Defend status indicator


    I am a FGC Ultimate customer (v 3.3.10 Ultimate)

    First, I can re-create this on demand, with no extensions installed. Just the Savage Worlds SWADE ruleset, and nothing else.

    Whenever I click Effects, then click to apply Defend [Parry +4], on that character or NPC's next turn on the combat tracker I get this error:

    Script Error: [string "scripts/manager_effect2.lua"]:940: getValue: Invalid parameter 1

    Once the effect is removed, the error does not occur on the next turn.

    This appears to be specifically related to an effect named "Defend". None of the other effects do this (that I am aware of), and if I create a new one named "Defending [Parry +4] it does not produce the error.

    The reason why I am reporting this is that when I delete the buggy "Defend [Parry +4]" Status, Fantasy Grounds restores it the next time I load the software. Since the actual status is named "Defend", people keep clicking on it and getting the error.

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    I've forwarded to Ikael, so that he can review.


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    Thanks for the report! I have fixed this in the upcoming v5.2.6 release
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    Thank you! Is that a Unity release number? I'm a Classic customer. Will it be fixed in Classic? The client says I'm on version 3.3.11

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    Each ruleset can have it's own version; which is what Ikael is referring to. Most rulesets will report their version to the chat window when you open a campaign.

    Most ruleset changes are usually accumulated in the Test channel; until there are enough changes to justify a new release as well as to give people who want to help with testing a chance to run it through the paces.


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    Ah, thanks JPG! I never even noticed that. Appreciate the help. Have a good one guys.

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