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    The Razer Synapse software is much better now, it use to be real crap. I'll give it the ringing endorsement of solidly mediocre... why they think playing / programing / synchronizing the device colors is so important - I don't know. Who looks are their mouse and other devices when gaming?

    The software is good enough now it shouldn't really weigh more than personal preference / hand size / use case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Granamere View Post
    Do you know who the DM is in case other people run across this thread in the future maybe it will help them.
    I do, but I don't feel it would be polite to post his name here in case he feels this would be publicly displaying his disability. If anyone would like to contact him about this, send me a message and I'll give his Discord name. He posts games in the LFP FG Discord channel quite often so he is easy to find.
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    Quote Originally Posted by celestian View Post
    One thing I will note between Razor and the Logitech mouse is the type of grip. If you like a "flatter" mouse then go Naga, if you prefer the "claw" type hand hold mouse, get logitech. I tried a naga but I could not use it for very long and not accurately. Also, the naga software for the mouse was,putting it bluntly, garbage at the time. It might be better... but the Logitech Gaming Software (9.02.X) is very easy to use.
    Or the Corsair Scimitar (just saying :-) ).


    Big demand for mice in general these days, they keep going in and out of stock.
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    A Joystick might work too, custom setting. Maybe attached to table???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myrdin Potter View Post
    Or the Corsair Scimitar (just saying :-) ).


    Big demand for mice in general these days, they keep going in and out of stock.
    If anyone is looking to get a Scimitar make sure to do some research before buying the yellow one. There's a piece inside it concerning the wheel that's made of plastic and can break easily. My understanding is that this piece is made of metal in the black version and is much more durable. I haven't owned a yellow one for some time so things may have changed. As a side note, the software for the Corsair products is pretty sweet.

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    How about an ergonomic mouse. This left handed version is the cheapest.

    This one is a bit more expensive.

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    Any combination of keyboard and trackpad may also help, but I assume anyone using only one hand on a computer knows these things already. The solution he is looking for - keyboard only - unfortunately seems not to be possible in FG.

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    This is damn interesting, might work great into a working Shadowrun Decker cosplay.
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    How has nobody mentioned sticky keys yet?
    Just press shift 5 times and it will turn your modifier keys like ctrl + alt etc into toggles rather than momentary switches (in software, obviously).
    That's been part of windows for what, 20-30 years?
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