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    I verified I don't have any type of packet inspection like IPS/IDS or flood settings.
    I will try forcing my system back to IPv4 when I play on the 20th.

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    On some other posts, I’ve seen that turning off or removing virtual machine network adapters can have an impact on connections. Do you have any VM engines installed on your machine?


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    Pretty sure I am not running any VM Engines or VM adapters.

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    Another update.
    So I grabbed my router and PC and took it into my GF’s place to do some further testing as she uses a different ISP.
    I set it up with my router in the middle and still the same issues, I can get FGC to work but FGU does not transfer the assets to the players.
    Next I removed my router from the network, and it took the player longer to connect but when she loaded up the map and noticed there was at least one of the tokens visible this time, and after a few more seconds the map loaded for her. FINALLY! We are getting some ware after two months!
    So I take my PC back home and hook it all back up, this time omitting the router and hooking it directly up to the modem.
    ...And well if you thought there was going to be good news at this point you are sadly mistaken. The two players who were having issues were still having issues while bypassing my router, and now I can’t even get port 1802 to open up to revert back to FGC as a last resort. This is where I was at the first time I had to call into my ISP's tech support, and they came out a week and a half later to replace the modem…
    Believe me if there were other choices available I would not only tell them where they could stick their equipment and service I would assist them in relocating it into that place as well!

    Now I have to wait until Monday again to call in so I can discuss this with a technician who is able to at least log into my modem remotely let alone figure anything else out. But at least this time I can say for sure it is their equipment that is the problem.

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    Make sure your router setting are UDP not TCP in your port forwarding sections. Also, Comcast, Xfinity, Cox, Time Warner, Shaw, and many others have gone to some internal security setting that protects your IP from being flooded. However, it sees a bunch of random joins as a threat. You may need to pursue how to disable this on your account or with help.There is a thread about this in this very forum. Asset transfers are usually antivirus or firewall protections. of the assets you are sharing are too large, or you are using wireless devices with not enough bandwidth.
    Topic video: https://youtu.be/45NWboX58rg
    Thread: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...l=1#post473290
    Wireless Data Streams.png
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    My player with the below specs PC asked me to try a LAN/direct IP session again, as he experienced it working better in the past. While last week he was not able to play with us (Agents of Edgewatch) via Unity and thus gave up, this week (Age of Ashes) he neither lost connection nor mentioned unbearable problems. Given that we played on a large map (Cinderclaw mine) with a dozen tokens, lots of LOS areas and even FX this was quite remarkable.

    There was another very noteworthy difference this week: I did *not* approve locked token movement, but moved all tokens manually to their destination position. My main motivation for doing so was that all of my players seem to experience approved token movement to be very slow, for some of the crawling slow (speeds seem to differ). Moving tokens manually on the GM server side may or may not have contributed to everything working better and may also have contributed to no connections being lost by any of my players.

    I will slowly reintroduce everything I disabled last week (IPv6, traffic shaping, non unrestricted router profile, Onedrive, cloud connection) and report back if manual token movement makes a difference.
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    Thanks for the update, Weissrolf.


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    Today we used cloud connection again and I specifically monitored the UCP connections to confirm that direct connection were established between player/client PCs and my GM server PC. Indeed this was the case. Is there a documentation of what procedure the cloud service uses to setup connections?

    This week was Agents of Edgewatch and it turned out that the map in the last adventure part is more demanding than the larger map of our other Age of Ashes campaign, likely because of more LoS walls being present. The under-spec PC player is active in both groups.

    Opening the map for the first time dropped his FGU connection. Second try after reconnecting worked. I then shift-dragged his token from room to room to minimize CPU load, but at one point he disconnected again. Turns out that his CPU was likely too busy processing the movement/image data and thus could not keep answering network pakets within whatever time-out period FGU is using. Once the PC was finished with the image processing FGU became responsive for him again and kept working for some time before even realizing that the connection was already dropped from my GM server side.

    This is were I wonder whether FGU's connection time-out period is set too short internally? Maybe FGU should even ask the GM if he wants to kick a disconnected client and if not then wait for the client and allow for automatic re-connection once the client can talk again. As a result of such a change my GM server would not have kicked him out and once his PC was responsive again it would have reconnected without having to fully restart the FGU client on the player side.

    As underlined, only the under-spec PC disconnected today and I do not consider this a fault of FGU, because it was always clear that this happens due to the client being overloaded. But FGU could handle these things more gracefully and "forgiving", especially in the light of FGU often being overload by other things even on very high performance PCs (like mine).

    In practice we solved today's disconnects (which reflected the ones 2 weeks ago) by completely turning off LoS and going back to manual unmasking. No more connection issues during that session afterwards.
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    Side-note: One of my 5 players today reported a different IPv4 IP than the connection IP I was seeing on my end. He also was the only one whose connection I could not see/monitor via CfosSpeed software (was not present in the list), but had to use LiveTcpUcpWatch instead.

    Now I wonder if that was because FGU did something different with his connection? Again, no idea what the cloud connection really does under the hood.

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    I tested the time-out, it is 30 seconds from both sides (client & server). Judged by the ongoing low throughput I suspect a keep-alive mechanism?!

    - When the GM server does not hear back from a client for 30 seconds then the GM server drops the connection from the server side. No choice is given to the GM.

    - When a client does not hear back from the GM server for 30 seconds the client drops the connection from the client side. No choice is given to the user.

    At least for weak computers or even possible overload scenarios (extensions, modules) on stronger computers I suggest to add an option to increase the time-out period and/or give users a choice whether to drop a connection when time-outs happen. I can also imagine weak hotel/mobile Wifi connections to cause time-outs within the 30 seconds window, so these may benefit from such options, too.

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