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    Quote Originally Posted by kevininrussia View Post
    I thought the log files I attached in the original post was the updater logs. Is it not?
    So you did
    The error message is pretty generic. I'm at a loss and can only pull the, "reboot the modem and computer and see if it magically works now" suggestion. But I'm hoping you/they already did that.

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    Is this user a wireless user? If so, see if they can check that part of this problem. I have seen too many people trying to get by with some strange ways of connecting, including wifi hotspots with their cell phones, satellite connections, etc. Sometimes users try to connect behind a firewall at a hotel or university, or they are at work! Please try to eliminate those potential factors too.
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    New Problem

    Hi there,
    i have a new Problem: my Player showes up as 'connected; but keeps hanging in the splash screen, does not come to the character selection.

    Logs from me and the players are attached
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    I think the player needs to install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019. The direct link to the download is https://aka.ms/vs/16/release/vc_redist.x64.exe or you can get it here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/...al-c-downloads ... just make sure to get the x64 version

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    Thank you, we gonna try this. He did re install windows (and fgu) yesterday, so that may be.
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    I experienced something crazy today. I was setting up my FGU server to play with my players using Cloud. My player's couldn't connect and they all got the attached error message.

    The solution for me was removing the password...... I tried several times adding a simple password, but then no one could connect.
    Removing the password, all could connect.

    That need to be fixed asap


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    Next time that this issue happens, please include both the GM and player logs from right after the stalled connection attempt.

    For the player, on the launch screen, there is a button in the upper left where you can open the console, and click Compile Logs.
    For the GM, they can type /console to bring up the same console, and also click Compile Logs.


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    Hi. I hope I'm posting this in the proper location. I'm having a player with connection issues that started about 3 weeks ago. Prior to that, we would have the occasional disconnect, but since then, he gets kicked out of the game about every five minutes. When it started, I searched the forums, and thought we found the solution. After sharing maps, I had neglected to stop sharing them, and we thought that might have created some kind of overload. After stopping sharing on all the previously used maps, he was stable the rest of that session (about another 15 minutes), but then the issue cropped up the next session and every time since then. It is always the same player, so we assume it must be something with his computer or connection. Any ideas? Please let me know what other information to provide. This is my first forum post. I also had him send me the logs from the last few times he crashed.

    Ruleset(s): 5E

    New Campaign / FGC Migrated Campaign: New

    Extensions/Themes: I have 5-6 Decals, but I don't think any other extensions

    Modules Loaded: DMG, DMG-Maps, DMG Players, Monster Manual, Mordenkainen's ToF, Mordenkainen's ToF- Players, Players Handbook, Sword Coast, Sword Coast-Maps, Sword Coast-Players, Volo's Guide, Volo's Guide-Maps, Volo's Guide-Players, Xanathar's Guide, Xanathar's Guide-Players, DDIA-Volo - In Volo's Wake

    Operating System / Language Setting:
    Win 7 professional
    amd a6-5400k 3.60GHz
    8 gb memory

    Steps to Reproduce: We can't intentionally reproduce it, but it randomly happens about every 5-10 minutes.
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    I've forwarded your logs to @smelton to review to see if we have any ideas.

    One note however is that Windows 7 is not an officially supported operating system for FGU. It is no longer supported by Microsoft, and is considered a high security risk.


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    I accidentally posted in FGC forum - because when I googled, it gave me some references. TL;DR - in order to host a game, I need to disable all my virtual interfaces until FGU shows the correct interface/IP in the "internal" IP section when I try to host a game. Is there a way that I can specify a specific interface to always bind to/reference? I'm on
    Windows 10 2004,
    FGU- v4.0.3 standard

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