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    Are there any images / pre-made maps for the sci-fi or spaceship sets? I see the image tools in the assets window, but I don't see sci fi or spaceship map pack modules a la the "Fantasy," "Mountain Top," and "Forest" map packs.

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    Wondering if there's a way to determine which map packs are required for the "Saturday Streams" maps. I suspect they're great maps, but I don't have the dough to buy every art pack just to make sure I'm covered, and right now, I mostly see question marks for missing assets.

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    That is a good question. Unfortunately, I don't know that there is a way to tell within FGU which art packs were used. I will bring this up in our meeting today to see if anyone has any ideas for addressing that. Josh normally indicates during the streams which art assets he is using. He does tend to use a wide variety of them from the Art Pack Subscription though. Those packs are mostly for people who have the subscription because it provides access to everything that has been released to date.

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    Any plans for new Art Pack bundles to be released, like the Art Pack 2019 (which looks great)?

    P.S. Also, could you advise a an (approximate) maximum number of assets to be used in one map?
    According to the store, demo accounts don't appear to have the free basic images included in their software, so every image I place will require some bandwidth - even if the FG assets by Joshua are designed to be bandwidth-light.
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