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    fg problems july 12

    Is anyone having issues logging into the fantasy ground tonight. July 12.

    I am running unity and have run the game for nine times before this with four players. Tonight two of the players never were able to connect and the two players that did log on were having problems with the program lagging.

    I was wondering if there were server issues tonight

    I have moved the FG program onto a new PC but since two people were able to log onto the game, I am assuming my game is installed correctly.

    EDIT All of us have installed all the latest updates to FGU before the session
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    We just pushed a new build that should help with initial connection stalls today. Please have everyone in your group run an update, and try again. Any testing you can do in advance to make sure it's working for your group is appreciated. If you still run into issues, please grab the logs from both GM and player.



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