I'm running through the Plot Point campaign for the original rippers. I'm not a fan of the default maps (the default maps are fine for an actual table where you're drawing things out as a GM, but not so great in a VTT).

I have had a really hard time finding maps to use in Rippers. I've been either finding replacement maps or making my own. I think it would be great if other people running Rippers in FG could collaborate with their own maps or suggestions for existing replacement maps in a common thread.

Here is one that I made for Rosslyn Chapel using DungeonDraft. While it doesn't exactly match the Rippers plot point map, it does more closely match the blueprints that are available online from when they extended the entryway to finish the chapel.
Rosslyn Chapel.jpg

For the basement, I used Heroic Maps - Storeys: Chambers of the Blood Cult, level 3.