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Thread: Blast Templates

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    Blast Templates

    New to Fantasy Grounds, so maybe an easy question?
    Is there good method for dropping the Blast Templates onto maps during combat?
    Even better, can the PCs be empowered to move them around?

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    I'm still struggling with this, too.

    I'm not 100% certain, but last night I had more success with this process (more or less):

    PCs and GM can create them

    Right-click on the tabletop somewhere that isn't a token.
    Click the "Pointers" button
    Choose the appropriate template ("Draw Cone", "Draw SBT", "Draw MBT", "Draw LBT")
    * Note that at this point there is NO feedback to the user that the next thing they do will be selecting a location for the template to be placed. It merely appears that it "didn't work".

    Ignore the fact that there's no contextual information or indicator.

    Don't just click where you want the template, because nothing will happen. Don't start doing something else because if you do then your template will just appear and get in the way.

    DO DRAG somewhere on the table. Hopefully close to your target, or from the general vicinity of the start of the cone token in the case of a cone. Don't bother dragging very far, it doesn't appear to be relevant in any way. Let go of the drag and the template will appear.

    I have yet to be able to get any kind of consistency in placement and always have to drag again to get it to the right place.

    There are some hot keys to be able to minimize snap, but I haven't figured out how to use them consistently, and I haven't figured out how to eliminate snap entirely when moving a template. That's relevant because SWADE allows you to place the templates however you want and if they cover the grid square at all then the square is affected.

    Edit: Oh, and the other part that's really helpful. Use Ctrl+Click to Target everyone under the template before you make the spell roll. It will determine your hits, apply effects, or wait for you to roll damage for all hits. This part is super slick.
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    GM and Players can make various templates via a couple of different methods.

    The most common method, as far as I am aware, is to right click then at 10:00 position there is a "POINTERS", under that you will find the varous templates that are used in SW.
    *edit* Yes be over the actual map, not a token.

    There is a second method, but uses the generic points, of click and drag with both mouse buttons. Both get you a line, then you can use SHIFT, ALT, CTRL to the area shapes.

    The GM can move all pointers, but Players should only be able to move theirs. POINTERS will be the color of the users dice, so it is best if everyone picks a default color rather then sticking with black.

    SNAP requires the image to have a grid layer in place AND for SNAP be turned on, which it is by default. It snaps at Intersections and at 1/2 points between intersections. So a box will have 9 points to snap to, as en example. I will use O as a snap to point and X as space.

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    Thank you for the tip/knowledge. That'll do.
    It's functional. Not as "sexy" as the actual fiery blast template. But, I'll take function over form.

    High five.

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    You can certainly do graphical blast templates. I've done some "special effects" if they impact the story enough.

    You can have images sitting in your asset folder that you can drop into your map as another layer. underneath the tokens.
    If you're a glutton for punishment you could also put it in as a token on-demand (but you have to resize it afterward and then deal with all the other token layering pains).

    For quick and dirty then the function over form is the fastest.

    Another advantage of working with an Image is that if you're on the image layer setting you can Nudge the image by holding down Ctrl and hit a directional arrow to get it in JUST the right spot.

    I have some Gabriel Pickard Spell Fx packs. Those are available over on DriveThruRpg. I don't know if there are some premium packs on FG Store. Typing this I thought that maybe the LBT, MBT, SBT and cones might be in the SWADE book image content, but looking just now I couldn't find it if it is.

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